2022 Retirements

Each school year we typically pause to recognize district teachers who are retiring this year or plan to retire over the next school year. Here is a summary of each, and you will note that many of our 28 retirees have worked in Winchester schools for decades and have made immeasurable contributions to the lives of countless students and families. We wish them much happiness and good health in the coming years.

Lynch Elementary School
Teresa Maguire
, 36 years
Kristine Greco, 33
Elizabeth Christo, 10

Muraco Elementary School
Catherine Haley, 14 years
Virginia McDonough, 14

Vinson-Owen Elementary School
Christine Tarantino
, 34 years
Jeanine Freimont, 33

Special Education
Patricia Guarino, 24 years
Carol Facey-Holmes, 23
Susan McCartney, 22
Phyllis Greenspan, 19
Karen Wilkerson, 16
Dorothy Duff, 13

Mccall Middle School
Anna Kerkorian,
23 years
Patricia Devries, 15
Thomas Awiszus, 14

Winchester High School
Elisabeth Angus, 29 years
Susan Flood, 26
Robert Gillis, 24
Sandra Manoogian, 22
Gail Texin, 20
Tom Haver, 17
Robin Mozell, 17
Robert Trakimas, 16
Nancy Volpe, 11

District Office
Freda Canavan
, 28 years
Donna Marcotte-Rizzaa, 15
Judith Evans, 6