Erik Johnson

erik johnson young photo
Erik Johnson – Class of 1982

For the past 25 years, Erik has been the Migrant Farmworker Law Unit Director at Idaho Legal Aid Services in Nampa, Idaho.   They receive funding from the federal government to provide free civil legal assistance to low income people in Idaho.  Erik handles the farmworker cases for the state of Idaho.

Erik recently settled a case in federal court for a Basque ranch hand who was owed a huge sum of wages going back 8.5 years in a peonage type situation.  The terms of the settlement are confidential, but he shared that the worker did receive all he was owed and a bit more in damages. It was a complex case involving multiple causes of action, and took a year and a half to litigate.   The worker is now retired and plans to use the settlement funds to buy some land and build a house on it.
Living in Idaho, Erik doesn’t have much of a connection to WHS anymore, except that his dad, Bob Johnson, keeps him posted on WHS sports.  He remembers having some great teachers at WHS, including Ms. Hession, and Ms. Benhke (Latin).
“They both helped me gain a love of languages and literature.   I studied Russian at Bowdoin College and Leningrad State University, and Croatian at the University of Zagreb.   I later learned Spanish, which I use on a daily basis at my job.”
Erik encourages current WHS students to pursue academically what interests you most, while also having a plan to acquire skills that will lead to a rewarding career.
 “Learn a second language and study abroad if you can.   Travel every chance you get.   And get involved in your community and try to make it a better place.”
Erik Johnson is a member of the Winchester Alumni Association where he can be reached by fellow Alumni.For more information, contact